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Special Features

(a)  Teaching of mother tongue as compulsory language.

(b)  Play-way methods of child education.

(c)  Structural methods of teaching english.

(d)  Child-centred  education.

(e)  English as the medium of education.

(f)   Especial training of Discipline, Etiquette, Smartness, Morality Etc.

(g) Blending of Scientific knowledge with the spirituocul tural tradition of India.

(h) No discouraging or negative statement is conveyed to the students.

(i)   Smart Classes with Projector.

(j)   In every class we have fixed  LED Monitor for quality Class.

(i)  Other necessary arrangements regarding extra curricular activities and periodical medical checkup etc.

(j)  Teachers of the school are all dedicated whole -timers

They undergo necessary teachers-training before they are actually posted as teachers. Later on, they are to attend teachers’ camps twice a year organized by ERAWS (central)


E-Enlargement of mind.

D-D.E.S.M.E.P (Discipline, Etiquette, Smartness,  Morality, English, Pronunciation)

U- Universal outlook.  

C- Character building  

A-Active Habits  


I- Ideation of the supreme

O-Omniscience grace  

N- Nice temperament.

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