Essential Information for Students

1) A student must be regular and punctual in the classes.

2) Students are expected to pay attention to their study and maintain hygiene ,  neatness , smartness and simplicity.

3) Students will not be allowed to go home during the school hours without any written permission from the principal.

4) No students will be  allowed in to the classroom without proper uniform.

5) Pupils must bring their pure veg tiffine without onion  garlic and water bottle every day.

6) Every students from all classes onward has to take part in every co- curricular activity and observance days arranged by the school.

7) All girls must know that white ribbon / hair band , mehendi, kajal , bindi , nail polishand bangles are not allowed . costly ornaments and jewellery of any kind are strictly prohibited in the school. 

8) Any missbehaviour of a student even outside the school premises may lead to the punishment to the extent of dismissal or suspension.

9) Students shall pay due respect to all the teaching and non teaching staff. they must maintain very good relation with fellow companions.

10) Every student should abide by the rules regulations and order of the authority.