About Anandamarga

Ananda Marga is a socio-spiritual movement based on Neo–humanism where love and care for plants, animal and human beings is promulgated. Every creation of the God in the world is the part or member of our universal family and Almighty Father is the Supreme Guardian of this family. This ideation had been propounded by Shri. Shri. Anandamurtijii with its objectives of “Self- realization and service to humanity.” Based on this ideology and in order to nurture the inherent and innate qualities of the whole community of students, he started his educational mission naming Ananda Marga School at Anandanagar in west Bengal. Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii wanted to implement “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” by the learning of the idea of “Samgacchadvam Samvadadhvam” mantra in school course and curriculum. The “Path of Bliss”, literally meaning, Ananda Marga is the way that leads both the individual and society towards the highest goal. Though millions came onto this earth through million years, social progress has still not added much to our human potentialities. Millions of our brothers and sisters are either socially neglected, or educationally and culturally backward, or economically deprived to the extent that they badly need our moral and material help. Ananda Marga school will take the responsibility of the poor and needy students for their holistic development.

Education is the most potent medium to bring about a progressive revolution in society. Education, in the view of Ananda Marga School, is not merely imparting of alphabetical knowledge; it is a powerful instrument to inculcate the trifarious development of the human personality – physical, mental and spiritual.The guiding philosophy of our education is Neo-humanism. It refers to innate oneness of all things. Thus Neo-humanist education foster love and respect to all irrespective of caste , creed, race ,religion, culture or nationality. It also helps the learners to cultivate love for animals, plants and all other living and non-living things.

Bishalgarh Ananda Marga School is started aiming at that spiritual height and ambition of Shrii. Shrii. Anandamurtijii. The basis of the Ananda Marga school is Synthesis of all good virtues of the universe where the Western technology and Eastern ideology has been adopted and amalgamated to wring out the moral values so that the first priority of the students is to be a good human being in life. Everybody is born with full of resources but due to lack of friendly environment, majority of them cannot utilize their potentialities for mankind but Ananda Marga school is trying to create such an conducive atmosphere. Bishalgarh Ananda Marga School, thus, is a model English medium school from class Nursery to Class – X in Sipahijala District.

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