Meaning of Education

As per the great Philosopher and the great Educationist Shrii. Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, the motto of Ananda Marga Education is “Sa’ Vidya’ Ya’ Vimuktaye” which means education is for physical, mental and spiritual liberation for everyone. Herein our school Education refers to the development of the child’s personality in all three spheres of existence physical, mental and spiritual. In our school we follow the three fundamentals of education which are as under:• It must be based on factuality.• It must awaken a thirst for knowledge.• Students and teachers must have a balanced mind through meditation. By the process of meditation the teachers make the students realize that they are part and parcel of the universal soul. They pray to the Parama Purusa ( Supreme God), “ Asato ma’ Sadgamaya, Tamasoma’ Jyotirgamaya , Mrityoma’ Amritam gamaya, Abirabi Mayadhi “ means, “O Lord, Lead us from illusion to truth, lead us from darkness to light .Lead us from this moral world to immortality. Appear in my heart again and again.

As per Shrii P.R.Sarkar, every letter of the word “EDUCATION” has got a significant meaning and in our school we are engaged in developing these virtues amongst the learners

Thus EDUCATION stand for :

  • E- Enlargement of mind
  • D - DESMEP
  • U- Universal outlook
  • C- Character
  • A - Active Habits
  • T- Trustworthiness
  • I - Ideation of Cosmos
  • O- Omniscient’s Grace
  • N - Nice Temperament
  • DESMEP - D - Discipline
  • E- Etiquette
  • S - Smartness
  • M - Morality
  • E - English
  • P - Pronunciation