Admission Regulation

Eligibility of age for admission to pre-K.G is three(3) years plus as on January 1st . Together with the application, a photocopy of birth certificate obtained from the Municipal Corporation or hospital records is to be submitted. All the above admission will be subjected to a test of capacity by means of oral or written tests. Admission and assignment to a particular section of the class are entirely reserved to the school authorities. No change in the date of birth will be entertained. The date of birth once registered cannot be altered.

 1. Fees are to be paid on or before the 10th of every month. Otherwise Rs.50/- will be charged as delay fine for each month.2.  No student will be allowed to sit for the 1st term or second term or annual examination unless all the school fees have been cleared.

3. Guardians will kindly preserve the receipts issued to them and produce them in proof of payment of fees, if needed.