Ananda Marga School

Who we are?

Socio-Spiritual Organisation based on “Neo-Humanism”-Love and care for Plants, Animals and Human beings.

We love what we do

To impart Neo-Humanistic Education based on moral and spiritual values of human life.

Education and Ananda Marga

Neo-Humanistic education therefore emphasizes the importance of developing the whole child.
  • Chairman's Desk “Education is not only to score marks; It is to enrich our inner Humanity, Devotion, Entrepreneurship, Skill and Positivity; by which we can make a one undivided peaceful livable human society with plants and animals.” 
    Shri. Nani Gopal Debnath
    Ananda Marga School

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  • Principal's Desk Education in its etymological sense is a systematic and sustained effort to encourage and develop the best of one’s latent physical, mental spiritual qualities. It sets in a process of evolution wherein the lower and crudifying animalistic propensities are gradually eliminated and humans become full...

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