Shri Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar introduced the philosophy & education system of Ananda Marga based on the ideology for creation of a society which will be oppression-free and piled on the pillars of cooperation & love for each other. He has developed his mission to create a one undivided human society or a one universal family so that the mankind along with the plants & animals can survive securely & peacefully. The foundation of Bishalgarh Ananda Marga School is based on his progressive ideology of education & idealism. The children of today will be the responsible citizen of tomorrow --- and this transition will be worked out by our school. The school is flourishing through the positive direction of the great personalities & sages of our country. The school is focusing on the holistic development of children with all amenities so that they can become an ideal human being. The school authority wants the smooth development of the school aiming specially towards the education & upliftment of the downtrodden.

--- Team Ananda Marga ,
Bishalgarh, Sipahijala, Tripura.

As per Shrii P.R.Sarkar, every letter of the word “EDUCATION” has got a significant meaning and in our school we are engaged in developing these virtues amongst the learners

Chairman Message

Education is not only to score marks; It is to enrich our inner Humanity, Devotion, Entrepreneurship, Skill and Positivity; by which we can make a one undivided peaceful liveable human society with plants and animals.”

Shri. Nani Gopal DebnathChairman
Ananda Marga School