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Who we are?

Ananda Marga is a Socio-Spiritual. An Organisation based on “Neo-Humanism” (Love and care for Plants, Animals and Human beings)

We love what we do

To impart Neo-Humanistic Education based on moral and spiritual values of human life.

Education and Ananda Marga

Neo-Humanistic education therefore emphasizes the importance of developing the whole child in order that he/she may realize their highest potential through developing a sense of social responsibility and spirit to the universal family.

Kyle Van Horn business card

Kyle Van Horn business card

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E-Enlargement of mind.

D-D.E.S.M.E.P (Discipline, Etiquette, Smartness,  Morality, English, Pronunciation)

U- Universal outlook.  

C- Character building  

A-Active Habits  


I- Ideation of the supreme

O-Omniscience grace  

N- Nice temperament.

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