1. All the  boys and girls will come to school with prescribed school uniform, otherwise they will not be allowed to attend  their classes.
  2. Students will arrive at the school daily within the scheduled time ; otherwise they will not be allowed in the school campus.
  3. All students will prepare their assigned home task on different subjects regularly. They will sit for three unit tests and three tests in a year. They will also have to face different periodical examination taken by subject teachers.
  4. Students will submit their application for leave of absence countersigned by the guardians. No student will be allowed to go home during school hours except the consent of guardians.
  5. Attendance less than 75% will result in detention of the student.
  6. Parents are requested not to make their children too much dependent on private tutors. Let them try by themselves.
  7. All the students must  attend the meditation class in time daily. They should also parcipate National Anthem.
  8. Students must participate in all kinds of literary, scientific, and cultural programs which are generally held on saturday or  other days. They will also take part in any other school programs.
  9. Every student is urged to display the high moral standard to the school by his manner and behavior.
  10. Any kind of damage of the school Property done by the students will have to be compensated either individually or collectively.
  11. The children are not allowed to wear costly ornaments in the school.
  12. If any student is caught adopting unfair means in any exam- Test he/she will be awarded “Zero” in the subject.
  13. Parents of the students of lower classes are requested to check the dairy everyday and pass the remarks, if any.
  14. Parents are requested to note that defaults in payment of school dues will lead to struck off the name of the child  from the register.
  15. Guardians are requested to make their wards to form the habit of Meditation, Assan, Exercise etc. at home. It will  make the children Mentally and physically fit.
  16. Too much T.V viewing is harmful for the children. Guardians are requested to make necessary steps for this. No students will be allowed to bring mobile phone in the school campus.
  17. School dues are to be paid on notified date.
  18. Tuition Fees are to be paid on or before the 15th of every month. Otherwise Rs.25/- will be charged as delay fine for each month.
  19. No student will be allowed to sit for the 1st term or second term or annual examination unless all the school fees have been cleared. 
  20. If any guardian does not give his or her child’s tuition fee for 3 months continuously then the student’s name will be omitted from the school registration & he or she has to take re-admission .
  21. It is a clear declaration to all the guardians that any kind of Junk food and Non-Veg Tiffin (like meat, fish, onion, eggs etc.) are not allowed in the school complex

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