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Education in its etymological sense is a systematic and sustained effort to encourage and develop the best of one’s latent physical, mental spiritual qualities. It sets in a process of evolution wherein the lower and crudifying animalistic propensities are gradually eliminated and humans become fully human, and whom we may then describe as divine.

Shrii P R Sarkar redefined the boundaries of education by applying a larger framework based on the philosophy of Neo Humanism Neo Humanism basically means to encompass love for the whole of creation through a realisation that everything is a manifestation of the creator.

Neo-Humanistic education therefore emphasizes the importance of developing the whole child in order that he/she may realize their highest potential through developing a sense of social responsibility and spirit to the universal family.

According to Ananda Marga concept, ‘Education’ means:-

E-Enlargement of mind.


(Discipline, Etiquette, Smartness,  Morality, English, Pronunciation)

U- Universal outlook.  

C- Character building  

A-Active Habits  


I- Ideation of the supreme

O-Omniscience grace  

N- Nice temperament.

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